What is Flat nose rhinoplasty?

When the nasal bridge and tip are low, it can call it a “flat nose”.

Some people do not like the shape of a flat nose, then it can improve by rhinoplasty.

How to improve?

1. Improve the nasal bridge

2. Improve the nasal tip

3. May need to improve the nasal wig (alar reduction) too

If the tip is relatively high, but the bridge is slightly low compared to the height of the tip, only the bridge augmentation using an implant (Silicone or Goretex) or autologous materials can be done.

However, in case both the tip and bridge are low and flat, it is necessary to reshape both of them to bring a better look.

For tip plasty, septal cartilage is used to rebuild a framework, if not sufficient, rib cartilage can be used instead of or together.

Silicone and Gore-Tex implant used for bridge augmentation.

But Silicone and Gore-Tex is an artificial implant. (foreign materials)

It can cause infection or try to come out from the nose with pain.

If the patient doesn’t want to use it because of those problems, can use their own cartilage, bone, fascia, periosteum, etc.

rhinoplasty without implant

Autologous materials: self-rib cartilage, ear cartilage, nasal septum cartilage, fascia, periosteum, dermis etc)

Flat nose rhinoplasty

This is a case of flat nose rhinoplasty by Dr. Hong-Ryul, Jin

flat nose rhinoplasty
flat nose rhinoplasty