Hump nose rhinoplasty

Hump nose is a term for a nose with a bump on the nasal bridge.

This surgery is to remove the projecting part of the nose and to narrow it by fracturing a bilateral bone. (osteotomy)

In many cases, the nasion is sunken and the nasal tip droops. Accordingly, the nasion and the nasal tip need to be lifted up.

Hump nose rhinoplasty is known that the patients who had this surgery were the most satisfied.

Small dorsal hump removal_side_view
dorsal hump removal
Dorsal hump and hump nose rhinoplasty
What are the causes of a hump nose?

The hump nose is caused by the nasal bump

Hump nose are largely divided into three cases

1) a case where the nasal bone protrudes.

2) a case where the upper nasal cartilage protrudes.

3) cases where both the nasal bone and the upper nasal cartilage protrude.

In addition to them, injuries and failed surgeries may be the causes.

Surgical procedure

The surgery is to remove the protruding bone or cartilage.

If it does not protrude too much, it can be filed. But if it protrudes too much, it should be trimmed delicately by the osteotomy.

After the removal of a nasal hump, the nasal bridge may look flat. Thus, the both sides of nasal bone should be fractured and the nasal bridge should be trimmed into good shape.

Or the nasal bridge can be in good shape by the insertion of an implant or dermis etc.

If the nasal tip droops too much, it needs to be lifted simultaneously with nasal tip plasty.

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Before & After

hooked nose rhinoplasty_dr jin hong ryul

hooked nose rhinoplasty_dr jin hong ryul

hooked nose nosejob korea by Dr. Cho Bae Jung

hooked nose nosejob korea by Dr. Cho Bae Jung


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