Bulbous nose rhinoplasty

Management of bulbous nose starts from analyzing what is contributing to the bulbous look of the nose.

Contributing factors include large cartilage, thick fat tissue, thick dermis, and relatively flat nasal dorsum.


1. Shape of Bulbous nose

Bulbous nose has a wide and big nasal bridge and tip.

So, Bulbous nose rhinoplasty is to make narrow and small nasal tip.


2. Surgery methods of Bulbous nose

1) Wide nasal bridge correction

If nasal bridge is wide, can make it narrow using “Osteotomy”.


2) Bulbous nasal tip

– Thick skin correction –

Nasal tip rhinoplasty

If the nasal tip is thick, remove fat and unnecessary soft tissue.


– Wide tip correction –

Nasal tip rhinoplasty

A wide tip of nose is usually combined with thick skin.

To correct wide tip, reduce the width of the cartilage.


3) Alar reduction

– Reduce the width by removing the alar skin.

– Reduce the width by suturing the alar skin.


3. Before & After

Bulbous nose rhinoplasty

Bulbous nose rhinoplasty

This is a case of bulbous nose rhinoplasty by Dr. Jin Hong Ryul.