Materials for nose job


1. Autologous materials

(Materials from patient’s own body as like tissues or bone)

Autologous materials has a low side effect and more safty for nose job comparing artificial or donated materials.


1) Ear cartilage

materials for nose job

Surgoens often use ear cartilage to build nasal tip up.

Ear cartilage can harvest from the front or rear  of ear.

Ear cartilage is more elastic than the nasal septum and thus may be not suitable for the nasal tip.

However it is suitable to lift the nasal bridge and to make the nasal tip natural.


2) Nasal septum cartilage

Materials nose job

Nasal septal cartilage is the best material for rhinoplasty, especially the nasal tip.

It does not leave any scars in the process of harvest and also does not cause functional and structural problems.


3) Rib cartilage

materials nose job

It is better to harvest rib cartilage from the 7th rib on patients.

It is suitable for the nose that is too flat in case of patients can not accept the artificial implant as like Silicone.

But it is need doctor’s deep experience.


4) Dermal fat

materials nose job

Dermal fat is being between the skin and the adipose later.

The absorption rate reaches 15% to 30% but it is suitable to make a natural shape.


2. Artificial implants

The first consideration for rhinoplasty

1. Silicone

materials nose job_00001

Silicone has the longest history of a medical implant and it is the most frequently used material for Rhinoplasty.

Patient has to check if it has FDA or KFDA


2. Goretex

materials nose job_00002

Goretex has been developed to make up for the demerits of silicone.

It has fine pores on the surface and skin tissue get to that pore.

Rhinoplasty surgeon usually use it when patients has thin skin

Goretex is make nose natural more than silicone but it is difficult to remove when have to do revision.

Patient has to check if it has FDA or KFDA


3. Medpore

materials nose job_00003

Medpore is artificial bone.

Patient has to check if it has FDA or KFDA


3. Donated materials

1) Donated Rib cartilage

materials nose job


2) Alloderm

materials nose job_00005