Post operative care – nose surgery


1. Do not blow your nose for two weeks.

2. After surgery, there might be a little nasal bleeding for one or two days.

3. Sutures will be removed the fifth or sixth days.

4. You can wash your face the day after sutures are removed.

5. You need to apply an ice pack around your nose, after that using both ice massage and warm massage is helpful for relieving your swelling.

6. It is better to avoid tough food (dried squid, gum, rib, soda), but there is no other restriction for food.

7. Avoid drinking and smoking, it could be the reason of the cause of the inflammation. <for 4 weeks after the surgery>

8. For a month after surgery, try not to be exposed to direct UV rays. You need to wear a cap and apply sun block.

9. Do not smoking and drinking for a month after surgery, because they might increase an inflammation rate.

10. Better avoid strenuous exercise for 4 weeks after the surgery.

11. For a month after the surgery, try not to be exposed to direct UV rays.

12. Avoid wear eyeglasses and sunglasses for one month after the surgery


This information of Post operative care after nose surgery will be different according to clinic’s surgery methods