Short nose rhinoplasty

Diagnosing a short nose can be a very subjective.

Standard for short nose can be different in different countries and different for each individual.

So if you think your nose is short, you can say you have a short nose.

However, there is a standard in plastic surgery for short nose.

Short nose rhinoplasty_1

Ideal angle from nose tip to upper lip is 90~100°, but if it is wider, nostril can be seen from outside, making nose look shorter.

Short nose rhinoplasty_1

Also, when you divide your front face in 3, ideal length of your nose is 1/3 of your face, but if your nose is shorter, you can call it a short nose.

Short nose rhinoplasty methods

Extend short nose and correct nasal tip to an ideal angle with nasal septum extension or nasal tip grafting.

Usually use nasal septum cartilage and ear cartilage, and if nose is very short, may consider to use rib cartilage or other autologous materials.

Since nose tip may sag still after extension in some cases, do not use one approach for every patient, but rather use different approach for different noses.

There are some cases of nose being short after the surgery.

Short nose caused by nasal contraction. (Contracted nose)

It is caused by complications of previous rhinoplasty.

Repeated silicone insertion, infection, and traumatic manipulation of the tissue build up scar tissue around the tip which contracts and pulls the tip upwards.

While overreaction of cartilage is a common cause of this phenomenon in Caucasian rhinoplasty, implant related scar contraction is common cause in Asian rhinoplasty.



Correction needs a lot of work because the skin is contracted with decreased elasticity, the framework is damaged and weak, and often the inner mucosa is deficient.

In severe cases, rib cartilage is must material for grafting and wide skin undermining to move it downwards is necessary.

Not infrequently, a staged operation is required.

Deficiency inside the nose needs a composite graft from the ear.

With all these efforts, the result is often not satisfactory.

The key point for satisfactory result is lengthening the alar compartment with lengthening of the central tip compartment. When the tip and alar lobules are not in harmony, the result is unsatisfactory.


Before & After

contracted nose rhinoplasty

contracted nose rhinoplasty

contracted nose rhinoplasty

short nose rhinoplasty_dr cho bae-jung

short nose rhinoplasty_dr jin hong ryul

short nose rhinoplasty_dr jin hong ryul

Short nose tip correction with nose job
Short nose tip correction with nose job

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