Wrinkle improvement


People getting older, the skin develops fine wrinkles from loss of elasticity and these fine wrinkles is gradually changed.

Like this, wrinkle development is unavoidable to everyone and it is the most common worry.


Wrinkle is a phenomenon occuring from shrinking by skin aging and repetitive muscle use.

Skin starts to lose collagen fibers and elasticity, be degenerated, and become drier, so wrinkles appear.

In addition, wrinkle is also generated from shrinking, degenerating and support weakening of muscle and fat and appears from slack by gravity.

Wrinkle line is classified into 2 types largely depending on their generating cause, which have different treatment methods.


The phenomena that the cheek is sinking and the chin line is more thickening are slack developed by same causes.

A plastic surgery to return these wrinkle developed face vitality in the past is commonly called as baby face surgery or wrinkle plastic surgery.

It is better to decide various procedures by desired parts and methods through sufficient consultation with professional cosmetic plastic surgeon for successful operation


This article is from BIO plastic surgery clinic