What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is plastic surgery for the breast to increase the size, change the shape, and alter the texture of the breasts of a woman using implant, the fat graft and lifting.  


Which breasts are most beautiful?

“All breasts are beautiful in their own ways.”

Moreover, The most perfect breasts do not exit, but they reflect the breasts that the public favors at any given time.

Just 10 years ago the 150cc implants were commonly used, but today, 260cc implants are the most popular as B and C breasts sizes have become fashionable.

Not all large breasts are idea.

Breasts that move in a rhythmic motion with the body are particularly attractive, Nipples should look straight ahead, not droop, and should have an ideal size.

The mid-point of the bilateral clavicles and both nipples ideally form an equilateral triangle.


Implants for breast augmentation

1. Types, Merits and Flaws in Implant for Breast augmentation

Implant is the most popular method of breast augmentation and can definitely improve size with a single procedure.


2. Type of materials

1) Saline


Silicon bag filled with a 0.9% salt solution, which is similar to human body fluid. 

There is the possibility that saline may leak with time, but leaked saline will be absorbed and excreted as urine.


2) Silicon gel

silicone gel

Feels soft to the touch and offers high satisfaction after surgery, but has a short life and is difficult to remove in case of rupture. Has been prohibited since 1992


3) Cohesive gel

cohesive gel

A type of solid silicon gel.

It has cohesiveness and shape memory like jelly. so there is no leakage even in case of rupture. Moreover, has a long life of 20 to 30 years or more.

In Korea, getting popular to use BellaGel.

Breast augmentation korea

Breast augmentation korea_4

Breast augmentation korea_2

Breast augmentation in korea


4) Double lumen

double lumen

External shell is made of cohesive gel, with its internal space filled with saline. Feels better to the touch than saline implants and the size is adjustable.


3. Type of shape

1) Round type

round type

The most commonly used type. Classified into low, moderate, and high profiles from the same size.


2) Teardrop(or water-drop) type 

teardrop type

This has a natural shape similar to that of an actual breast. Classified into 9 types according to height and protrusion.


4. Type of textures


1) Smooth


Usually used when an incision is performed on the axilla. Intensive massage is necessary because a wide space has to be prepared prior to implantation


2) Textured


Can be inserted through any incision, and massage is not needed because space does


Type of incision


1) Transaxillary incision

3 to 4cm incision on axilla and implants inserted under pectorails major muscle with an endoscopic device. This is a rather difficult procedure but the scar is easy to hide, so young women favor this method.

2) Periareolar incision

3 to 4cm incision along the inferior margin of areola with implants insertion. Scars are not noticeable, but the procedure is rather difficult due to its narrow view of field.

3) Infra-Mammary incision

This procedure is simple, takes short time and the breast shape after surgery is very natural. But the scars are noticeable when lying supine.

4) Trans-Umbilical incision

Incision to make space for the endoscopic device and saline implants inserted.