Micro fat grafting is an operation to collect fat from his/her own abdomen or thigh, extract only fat via centrifugation, and injectiing it to desired body part. It is to inject fat to my body, using my own fat accumulated in my body. As it is conducted by injecting fat cells via micro-injector, it is possible to get maximum effect with minimum pain and its procedure is convenient. Moreover, because of using one’s own fat, it brings no adverse effect and it is possible to correct any body part in any degree naturally.

Currently, the micro-fat grafting is mainly used for 2 purposes.

First, for the case that one seems older than actual age with age and decreasing skin elasticity, fat graft is used for changing him/her more firm and elastic. And for the case of face sinking such as sinking cheek, deep nasolabial fold, and dished eye, fat graft is applied in correcting face contour.

Micro-injection is a method obtaining high purity for by collecting fat from arms, abdomen, thigh, and hip, removing other components via centrifugation and injecting it evenly through canula minimizing damage of fat cells to minimize absorption or necrosis of fat cells and promote their graft, which is introduced by Dr. Coleman, a plastic surgeon in United States.


This article is from BIO plastic surgery clinic.