Ptosis surgery


Ptosis is also known as “droopy eyelid” or “Blepharoptosis” is a drooping or falling or the upper eyelid. (abnormally low position of your upper eyelid)

The drooping may be worse after being awake longer, when the individual’s muscles are tired.

This condition is sometimes called “lazy eye”, but that term normally refers to amblyopia.

If severe enough and left untreated, the drooping eyelid can cause other conditions, such as amblyopia or astigmatism.

This is why it is especially important for this disorder to be treated in children at a young age, before it can interfere with vision development


Ptosis by type,

The following pictures has the same eye shapes, looking sleepy.


* Normal eye shape

Normal positioned pupils but have week muscle on the upper eyelid due to it not opening completely.

It needs adjustments of strengthening the eye muscle through eye contouring surgery.

If it is severely week, eye-reshaping surgery with incision method is hard to avoid but if it is slightly week than mini eye-reshaping by partial incision or double embedding can give you engough results.

normal eye shape


* Slight hyperopia (pseudo ptosis)

Hyperopia with properly working muscle but outer eyelids are over the pupil

Most people who are diagnosed pseudo ptosis because when the doctor pushes the eyelid down and tell them to open, they say it is difficult, actually don’t need eye-reshaping surgery or they barely need it.

The result of simple double eyelids surgery and eye contouring surgery are very similar but you should avoid eye contouring surgery because double embedding double eyelid surgery is excellent.

slight hyperopia


* Severe hyperopia (pseudo ptosis)

Normal eyes but black pupils are too elevated so lower part of white pupils is overly exposed.

Eyes are adquately big and the strength of the eye muscle is engough but other factors like protruding eyes exsts so it has a bit of dull look.

Sometimes, eye-reshaping surgery is necessary but if it’s not too severe using double embedding or mini eye-reshaping surgery which doesn’t leave any scars would bring sufficient result.

severe hyperopia


* Genuine ptosis

Sleepy-looking eyes and opening eyes less than 7mm or below.

In case of genuine ptosis, eye-reshaping surgery would bring better results than double eyelid surgery.


This article is from Wikipedia and Banobagi plastic surgery clinic