Rhinoplasty material

If you have made up your mind to have rhinoplasty, it may be important that you know what materials will goes inside your nose.

So, we would like to introduce the most well-known materials.

Rhinoplasty material can divide into 3 groups.

1) Artificial Materials

Rhinoplasty material

(Nasal silicone implant)

Rhinoplasty material

(Gore-Tex implant)

Artificial materials include synthetic substances, and the most well-known materials are silicone, Gore-Tex, and Medpor

2) Autologous materials

Autologous materials is from your own body.

Nasal septum cartilage, Ear cartilage, Rib cartilage, Dermis, and Fascia etc.

Rib cartilage

Preventing method the warping problem of rib cartilage rhinoplasty
rib cartilage

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Ear cartilage

ear cartilage
harvested ear cartilage

Ear cartilage harvest from the back of the ear to avoid auricular deformity.

It is autologous material, therefore, it has a good bio-compatibility.

Therefore, This cartilage mainly use for tip plasty.

Because nasal tip has thin skin, and composed of cartilage.

If use artificial material for tip plasty, can cause a risk of implant visible, infection etc.

3) Donated materials.

Donated material is tissue taken from human or animal body that is removed of all the factors that can cause rejection reaction or disease.

It is rich in amount and bio-compatibility is better than artificial implants.

But since it taken from dead body, using it may be a difficult concept for some patient.